EYVOL Self-Assessment Skills WebApp is an interactive self-assessment on skills and knowledge about volunteerism in sport. The self-evaluation tool consists on a set of items designed to identify social, civic and sport skills and knowledge deficiencies whilst providing access to EYVOL educational programmes and relevant external resources, if needed. Hence, there are no correct or wrong answers, nor is it an exam: on the contrary, it is a step forward for the best training as a volunteer!
EYVOL Self-Assessment Skills WebApp has been developed by EYVOL’s consortium within the framework of Erasmus+Sport Programme of the European Union.

EYVOL addresses the topic “Promote voluntary activity in sport” so its main purpose is to provide young multipliers (youth leaders and civil society activists) and young sports volunteers with concrete training tools to be used in youth empowering activities based on social inclusion through sport.

ClientePrólogo CreativoProyecto Europeo EYVOL
FechaAbril 2021
CategoríaAplicación Web
Página Webhttps://webapp.eyvol.eu/

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